How to invest in share market & Get Profit of 20% Profit per Month

Investing & Earning 20% or High Returns From Share Market is Not a Hard Job. Let See the Simple and Easy way To Start a Share market Trading and Get Good Returns on Investment.

First, you need to open a trading account and a demat account to invest in share market. This trading and demat account will be linked to your savings bank account to facilitate smooth transfer of money and shares. Today we are Going to See the Step by Step Method to Earn From Share Market , 100% Safe and Legal Method. 

Step 1 :  First We need a Trading Platform Account For buying and Selling Shares , So First Create a Free Trading Account Click here to Create a Trading Account for Free .In Market we have many trading Account Providing Company But all are Charge you Commission on Trading and Lot of Fees and Maintence Charge. but  this link Provide a Free Trading Account which Wont charge you any commission for Buying and Selling Shares in Equity Short Time or Long Time Trade. 

Step 2:  After Creating Trading Account  login. and Select the Stocks in This Category 

Nefty 50 Stocks, Bank Stocks, IT Stocks, Power Sector Stocks. Telecom Stocks. 

This Category Of Stocks Will Show you Good up and Down in Price and also Easily You can Buy and Sell on your Expecting Price. 

example ( SBI , Union Bank, Wipro, Tata Power, Airtel, Reliance, Ambuja Cem etc )

Step 3:  Check the 2 to 3 Stock in Each Category Which Going up and Down with in a Week Time with minimum 4% to 7% changes in price. 

Step 4 : Now Select Best 1 stock from Each Category .. 

Step 5 : Buy the Stock when it Reach Below the Market Average Price of it .. 

average Price is the price in which this stock always Trade. 

Step 6 : When the Stock is Below Average Price Buy it . 

Step 7 : When the Stock Price Go up  , Sell it . 

Step 8 : Like this Keep Doing Many Trade as Much as possible. The More Number of Stock and More Number of Trade will increase your Profit. 

in a week if you get just 5% Profit means in a month You will Get 20% Profit. 

This is Very Very Safe Method , Which is Used by Lot of People.  for more Details Regarding Trading 

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