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Interior Painting Service
Interior Painting
Exterior Painting Service
Exterior Painting
Wood Painting Service
Wood Painting
Water Proofing
Water Proofing

What We Offer ?

Interior Painting

Get your Home Hall, Kitchen, Bathroom, Celling & all Inside Place of your Home Painted by Gooezy Painters.

Exterior Painting

Get Outside Wall, Grill & Gate Etc Painting at Home by Gooezy Painters.

Wood Painting & Polish

Get Painting for Wood Sofa, Cupboard Painting, Wood Table & Berow etc Woods Painted at Home.

Water Proofing Service

are you Facing water Leakage at Home, Try Gooezy Water Proofing Service and Fix all Water Leakage on Roof.

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Home Painting Price

Gates, Windows and Grill Painting Including Material Sqft


Exterior Painting Including Material Sqft


Textured Painting Including Material Sqft


Water Proofing Including Material Sqft


Wood Polishing Including Material Sqft


1BHK Tractor Emulsion Interior Painting Labour + Paint


2BHK Tractor Emulsion Interior Painting Labour + Paint


3BHK Tractor Emulsion Interior Painting Labour + Paint


4BHK Tractor Emulsion Interior Painting Labour + Paint


1BHK Premium Emulsion Interior Painting Labour + Paint


2BHK Premium Emulsion Interior Painting Labour + Paint


3BHK Premium Emulsion Interior Painting Labour + Paint


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will painting my house take?

It takes about 2 to 4 days to paint a 1BHK house, 4 to 6 days for 2BHK, 6 to 8 days for 3BHK, 8 to 10 days for 4BHK, and 8 to 10 days for exterior painting.

Why should you use Gooezy Interiors Painters & Exteriors?

Every 7 - 9 years, the paint on the inside and outside of a house can start to look old and need to be repainted or changed.

How much does it cost to paint an entire house by professional painters ?

Gooezy professional painting services handle picking colours, materials, labour schedules, and pricing. We'll estimate the cost of painting.

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