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What is Gooezy and what services can I start with?

Gooezy is a Service Booking Platform, it offers 80 + Service as Per Customer Needs Like Pest Control, Cleaning ,Photographer,Plumbers ,Painters, Packers and Movers etc. You can Find all the services here Gooezy Services

How Gooezy will give Leads ?

Customer will book the Service in Gooezy APP & Gooezy Website. Gooezy will Filter the Bookings & Match the Correct Service Provider who Can Provide the Service to Customer OnTime in Budget, then Gooezy will Push the Lead to only one Service Provider who match for the lead.

How Many Leads will I Get in a Month ?

There are Two Types of Leads one is Normal Lead which is Assigned by Gooezy to the Right Service Provider by Matching Customer Requirement.

Second One is Prime Lead which is More Urgent & Hot Leads . This Can Be Picked by Service partner as per your wish , around 45 to 60 leads you can take in a Month for One Account.

How Commission will Be Taken ?

Commission percentage will be fixed while activating your account ..

if you complete the Direct Booking. ex: your Percentage is 10. and You Completed 500Rs Work Order.. Then Commision will be 500Rs x 10% = 50rs Commision + 9rs ( Gst ) = 59rs of Total Amount will Be Deducted From your Wallet.

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