Simple Tips to Do Makeup at Home

When it comes party or event? Getting ready in last min is very very tension job. In such a emergency you can try a simple instant method. This simple makeup method will give you quick result. Let see what we need to do to get makeup at home.

Lemon is the main product which makes your face instant whiting. Just cut a piece of lemon and apply it on your face and wait for 10mint and wash the face with fresh water. Now your face tone will be increased instantly.

Milk for face whiting : do you know milk is best instant makeup product. Just after lemon washing or normal face wash apply milk on your face and let the milk dry. Once the milk dry it will form a thin layer on your face just remove that layer and wash your face. Now you can see that your skin has been changed to sofa and milky color.

ice makeup : for very quick out put makeup you can use ice cubes. Just roll the ice cube on your face till it completly melt. After ice melt you can wash your face and see all black dust in your face has been removed by ice cubes.

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